Galston Open Gardens 2016

Galston Open Gardens 2016

Warning: This post is written by a garden admirer/enthusiast, with no formal garden vocabulary up her sleeve!
This past weekend I attended my third Galston Open Gardens event since moving to Sydney. Galston is a town located about 40km northeast of Sydney, in a beautiful rural setting with green pastures and in October, a few fillies, ducklings and baby goats to be seen!

The Open Gardens event is usually held on the third weekend of October each year. There are around 8 privately owned open gardens, scattered across a 15km radius. Entry fees are $20 per person for all 8 gardens, or $5 per garden and tickets are sold at each garden.

The diversity of the gardens are spectacular and range from formal designs to “garden meets forest flows” as many homes have a forest border. Spring makes for a colourful canvas, with jasmine and honey scents following the visitors and attracting native birds.

Because gardening is such a personal matter, I feel a little mean for picking my favourite. But alas, give credit where credit is due –  my favourite garden this year was Garden 2 (Callooh Calley) with its perennial step garden and multitude of roses and iris. I didn’t want to leave this place, especially not after seeing several crimson rosellas (red and blue parrots) playing around this lovely, serene space.


Hats off to all garden owners who participated – your hard work is magnificent and visitors appreciate you opening your gardens to fellow gardeners and enthusiasts. Thanks also to the Galston Garden Club for arranging this event.

Pictures of gardens speak better than words, so here you go:

Just another 10k walk – Middle Harbour

Just another 10k walk – Middle Harbour

I have to share one of my favourite walks with you. We live in Artarmon, Sydney (about 5km from the Sydney Harbour Bridge). Quite early on when we moved here, I followed a path one day, and it kept going – around sporting fields, under a highway, through a little nature reserve, past another sporting field – the path just went on and on.

At some point, I saw a jogger emerge from a side path, looking fairly off the beaten track. But if the runner could go there, so could I. I decided to follow the path. It took me through a forest, down to a stream, all along a stream, even a rock crossing at some point, and past another sporting field (3!) At last, there was an end to this journey – except for the uphill way back. The end point was Middle Harbour – I have walked a good 5km to Middle Harbour with a breathtaking view of moored boats in a river enclave, surrounded by beautiful gum trees and soaring, rowdy cockatoos. Here’s a glimpse: