I’ve been a citizen of the world since 2004 – 6 different countries and counting. I get what the expat bloggers are on about. We start itching after a few years, we get restless and dream about new challenges. Luckily hubby and I share the feeling, and before we got married in 2006, we decided that we wanted to see the world together, not just traveling, but living and working in as many countries as possible. We chose careers that can accommodate the lifestyle to a certain extent. Sometimes it’s difficult to explain to prospective employers why you’re jumping around a lot…

I’m an observer and love to note differences, whether they are glaringly large – think language, architecture, religion – or just a way of life – think food, clothes or administrative tasks.

So far, our tally is:

South Africa; China; Ireland; UK; Germany and Australia.

Follow me for everyday travel stories and photos…I’m hoping to show you what everyday looks like where I live.


I’d like to thank the following expat bloggers for providing hours of entertainment as we scout the world for our next move: Living a dream in China.