Just another 10k walk – Middle Harbour

Just another 10k walk – Middle Harbour

I have to share one of my favourite walks with you. We live in Artarmon, Sydney (about 5km from the Sydney Harbour Bridge). Quite early on when we moved here, I followed a path one day, and it kept going – around sporting fields, under a highway, through a little nature reserve, past another sporting field – the path just went on and on.

At some point, I saw a jogger emerge from a side path, looking fairly off the beaten track. But if the runner could go there, so could I. I decided to follow the path. It took me through a forest, down to a stream, all along a stream, even a rock crossing at some point, and past another sporting field (3!) At last, there was an end to this journey – except for the uphill way back. The end point was Middle Harbour – I have walked a good 5km to Middle Harbour with a breathtaking view of moored boats in a river enclave, surrounded by beautiful gum trees and soaring, rowdy cockatoos. Here’s a glimpse:


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